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Windy Crest Media (WCM) is a multi media production company whose primary mission is to address, then create programming strategies that counter the many critical issues standing in the way of the positive development of young people today.

Windy Crest was established in 1979 by writer, producer and director Gregory Freelon stemming from his producing partnership with New York University's ground breaking conflict-resolution through-theater company, the Creative Arts Team. Since then, Windy Crest and its associates have created and developed an impressive array of interactive, alternative educational training programs, workshops and videos.

The Focus of Windy Crest
  • Conflict resolution workshops and videos for community youth programs, youth development program administrators and staff and public sector agencies;
  • Critical reasoning/thinking program models and participatory workshops for youth groups;
  • Attitudinal skills development training videos, workshop design and facilitation;
  • Interpersonal communications skills enhancement, workshop design and facilitation;
  • Media analysis and video production training program (Safe Space) for urban teens
Quality Services


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Understanding the importance of corporate models for outcomes measurement and accountability, Windy Crest provides the following consultant services for community-, agency- or faith-based youth programs:

  • Community, organizational or programmatic assessments along with findings/recommendations reports;
  • Program design and implementation from startups to remedial tune ups;
  • Organizational or programmatic strategic planning;
  • Technical assistance in staff training and development, best practices modeling and fund development strategies;
  • Instructional and institutional video production from concept to final product;
  • Multi-media staging and special events/projects design and implementation from concept to full production.

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